When you have zero time and you’re asked to help with the baking stall…………….

Oreo truffle mixture


So, just before the schools broke up for the summer holidays I was asked to help provide baking for the annual baking stall on gala day to raise funds for Amber’s playgroup. Like everything, I agreed with the best intentions of pulling off an epic ‘mother and housewife of the year’ moment, providing a spread of delicious goodies. You’ll know what I mean, there’s always those mums who participate in all the community projects and fundraisers, keep fit and look amazing and pull these epic moments on what seems like a weekly basis………Then there’s mum’s like you and I.
Yeah, I thought it would be nice to get a piece of that action and scoop this one for myself!

So, anyway, my good intentions soon fizzled out when I realised I had so much work to do at home and the office that week. I turned to Pinterest to find something quick and easy to do. I defo wouldn’t stoop as low as buying a cake though – hell no, I was still determined to pull something off. Although that would have been much much easier and I’m almost in tears right now thinking “why didn’t I just buy a bloody cake”! There was the option of the pre-made ‘just add an egg’ mixture but they would never have made enough and I’d still feel like a failure. So I came up with the following that involved no actual baking at all.
Oreo no-bake truffles!

OreosThe ‘no-bake’ part really appealed to me and I must say it was very easy to do. I followed the recipe from The Cozy Cook which was very straight forward. The freezing of the oreo balls did need more than 30 minutes but this was fine as I didn’t actually have to do anything else with them at that time and meant I could just go about ticking all the other things off my To Do list.
When it came to rolling them about in the chocolate this wasn’t easy as
the heat of the chocolate was melting the balls and pieces were coming off into the chocolate. I ended up pouring them over the balls instead which worked just as well but used up more chocolate.

I made a mixture of milk and white Oreo Truffleschocolate covered truffles and completely forgot to set aside some chocolate to drizzle over the top for decoration but I’ll remember for the next time I make these. They didn’t look as professional as The Cozy Cook’s but man they tasted awesome. They are very sweet so if you don’t like very sweet things I’d suggest making small balls and covering them in dark chocolate.
As I said these were very sweet and although they look small in the picture they were a good mouthful size so I made bags of 3 for the stall.

I know I should have probably stopped there but I was determined to make lots of quick things.


Date Night bags

Last Christmas I made some of the hot chocolate Rudolph bags that you would have no doubt seen again all over Pinterest. So I decided to make these catered to the parents and created these ‘Cosy Date Night in for 2’ bags. I just poured hot chocolate in the bottom and lots of mini marshmallows on-top. Tied it up, popped a ribbon on and made these heart tags.

Hot chocolate Date night bags


Marshmallow Wands

I was so excited about finding this on Two Sisters Crafting as it’s incredibly simple, very effective and tasty. What does it involve? A lollypop stick, 3 marshmallows, some chocolate and whatever you choose to decorate them with. Unfortunately, I was too rushed and never managed to take a photo of my masterpieces (they were probably the most eye pleasing things I made for this stall to be honest)! You can find the full recipe, (actually I think the more appropriate term would be instructions) and lovely photos for inspiration HERE.


Chocolate spoons and lollipops

Ok, so when I was out at good old HobbycraftChocolate spoon mould buying all my bits and pieces for bagging everything up for the stall and the Wiltons candy melts for the wands, I found these fun chocolate moulds. Now, without even thinking, I thought I’d add this to my growing list of things for the stall and popped them in the shopping basket.


Not going to lie, the spoons didn’t turn out great. The instructions were to break up the chocolate and pop it into the Chocolate spoonsmicrowave stopping intermittently to tap. Despite me tapping and shaking the mould in-between recommended microwave rounds I couldn’t get the air bubbles to come out. It was my fault, I wasn’t using the right chocolate. Best way for me to do it was to melt the chocolate and pipe it in or use the coloured Wilton’s chocolate pieces. I also tried to mix the milk and white chocolate to make a swirl in the chocolate – bad idea as they set differently due to their different coca content and getting them out the mould in one piece was a challenge. I should have definitely taken the time to research more about chocolate ha ha.

None the less I used what I had and decorated the spoons that turned out the best.
The moustache and lips lollipop moulds worked a treat. I didn’t bother with the microwave and just melted chocolates and poured them in and let them set. They were not only tasty but fun.

Chocolate lips lollipops
Now here’s the part where I was rather silly in thinking this was something I could make quickly. Each mould tray only made 3 lollies at a time or 8 spoons! Forgetting I’d have to melt them and cool them down, then decorate them and cool them again while I made more. It was far from quick.
So all in all, I ended up spending a lot more time than I intended and ended up staying up past midnight to finish everything. However, I did have fun and spent some quality time with DeeDee joining in to help (more like licking the bowls at the end mind you).

Chocolate lips lollipopsChocolate moustache lollipops Deedee lips
Now the interesting part! The ladies running the stall gave me feedback saying how great it was to have something different on the stall other than the usual carrot cake and cupcakes every year and they all sold out on the stall! So as it turns out my lack of time and being one of those unorganised ‘all over the place’ Mum’s actually scored me the win in the end, yeay! I would like to dedicate this win to all you Messy Mums out there! 🙂


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